We will deliver the ordered goods to you throughout Lithuania to the selected post office, home, office or other specified place. For fast and safe delivery of goods, we use a reliable courier service - LP Express.

Add items to the cart and click "Go to payment". Our e-shop will automatically calculate the total price of the ordered goods and delivery. Before payment, you will see the total amount with delivery.

Delivery in Lithuania 

- Shipments are delivered at an additional cost by sending within 2-3 working days via LP express. 

If you have an urgent question about delivery, call tel. +37052430888 or email shop@respectgr.com

Delivery abroad

To order goods abroad, before ordering, be sure to contact us individually by e-mail: shop@respectgr.com or by phone +37052430888

Other information

- Standard shipping time is 1 business day (unless otherwise stated).

- During delivery, please inspect the packaging for damage.